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Anhad means limitless, and it is a community to help connect you to exactly that – the limitless light of your own being.

There are many sources of spiritual knowledge – books, teachers, videos. But for it to become integrated in our being and transform our life, we need the company of seekers who share our commitment, intensity and even our challenges.
This is what Anhad offers.


At Anhad, we are a community of seekers – both learning from and teaching each other in a space of mutual friendliness and gratitude. We welcome anyone and everyone who has an interest in going into the mysteries of the inner universe.

Even though, we walk in the luminous footsteps of the enlightened masters who came before us, we remain true to how our own individual journey is informing us. For more information, check out the “Programs” page.


Short Term - Workshop Sessions

Long Term - Workshop Sessions

Continuation Programs

” The sessions offer a dive to the deeper realms that you generally ponder upon in your solitude. Mandeep expresses beautifully what you have been pondering over but haven’t quite been able to articulate or shape. Her sense of humour coupled with wisdom and unique storytelling style make even the somber topics flavourful! A wise man once said that the world doesn’t need more successful people, the world desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. Well, I am happy that you will find one here..”
Gaurvi Desai
Pune, India


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