Mission and Vision

Both ancient texts and modern science agree that each human is a storehouse of tremendous energy and potential, most of which remains unexpressed in their lifetime.

Through the Anhad program, we strive to breakthrough from compulsive patterns of old habits, thoughts, expectations, feelings which place limitations on us. We, then, perceive a different reality by redistributing and enhancing our personal energy.

Anhad literally means “limitless” and true to its name, strives to expand the field of awareness that determines our happiness and life quality.

Core Values

The program draws from and honors both organized forms of self-exploration such as Yoga and traditional therapy as well as the pre-religious nature-based wisdom systems found in shamanic and tantric traditions.

It is our continuing effort to connect modern scientific rationale and research to these practices so that we can understand them in a complete and sustainable way.


Mandeep Kaur

  • Level 2 Certified Yoga Teacher (AYUSH Ministry, India)
  • Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Faculty at Art of Living Foundation
  • Board Member of Samarpan (NGO)
  • Chief Architect / Owner at Sanyam Designs

I have been a meditator for about 20 years now and my focus rests firmly on the inner life. I have trained formally as a Yoga Teacher with the Sri Sri School of Yoga in Bangalore, India, and spent time with various seekers and masters in Rishikesh and the Uttrakhand Himalayan belt and in South India as well. I teach/facilitateCetr Yoga based self-healing and empowerment – remaining true to the techniques but personalizing the knowledge in relevance to our current lifestyles.

Additional Certifications

  • Certificate in Aromatherapy. Clinical Use of Essential Oils (University of Minnesota)
  • Certificate in Engineerng Health – Introduction to Yoga and Physiology (New York University).

Rahul Talwar

  • RPL Certified Yoga Teacher (Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship)
  • Senior Faculty at Art of Living Foundation
  • Board member at Samarpan (NGO)

I have been a meditator and meditation teacher for close to 25 years now. Informed by my own inner journey and guided at different times in life by various loving masters, I am dedicated to offering all that I have learned to whosoever might need it. In my first understanding that all healing, joy, power and peace lies inside ourselves and each of us can learn to be connected to that inner source with the right facilitation.

Specialised Profile

  • Teacher of Advanced meditation programs with the Art of Living foundation
  • Facilitator for Drug de-addiction support programs based on yoga and meditation


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